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Situa (sit-TOO-a) Studio exists to spread passion and find connection through the inspiring power of art. We work with institutions, businesses, and individuals to gather and situate artwork that transforms spaces into moments of wonder.


With over three decades of experience partnering with world-renowned organizations and artists, we know how to drive efficient, effective, and enjoyable art acquisition experiences for our clients. 


Kate Anderson and Suzi Hlavacek
Situa Studio Co-Founders

Our Mission

  • To inspire the passion that art brings out in all of us

  • To serve clients by finding artwork that moves them while providing exceptional service [and a seamless experience].

  • To empower artists to create their work

Our Values


Inspiration is everywhere. We help our clients find it.


We pursue excellence always, in all things.


It’s fun to do the impossible and we love logistics.


[Art unifies].


Because the means justify the ends, we seek equity for diverse artists and transparency for our clients.


Share Passion & Find Connection

  • Know the client

  • Understand the Art And Artists

  • Execute the project

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