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What Clients, Artists, and Collaborators Think:

"Suzi took charge of the Yale Science Hill art project with enthusiasm and creativity that went above and beyond.  She's exceptionally knowledgeable about art and its perception by diverse constituencies.  Just as important, Suzi conducts meticulous research on the artists themselves and tries to find the ideal fit between artist and project.  Although based in Boston, Suzi spent many days in New Haven for our project so that she could become acquainted with our local art and science community.  She met with artists, toured in local galleries and arranged regular meetings with members of the Yale community. The final project was so successful that people now visit the Yale Science campus to see the artwork, and in so doing, become interested in our science."   

Anna Pyle
Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Yale University

"I've worked on many projects in Boston and around the world with Kate. She has helped us with, inventories, appraisals, curating, reproductions, acquisitions, and auctioning antiques and paintings. Kate’s vast knowledge of art, artists and style are her great strengths and I love to collaborate with her. Not only does she really care and have great passion in her work, but she takes lead and executes everything with perfection. I always looked forward to completion when everything come together." 

Larry Ryan
Manager of Design and Corporate Space Planning
MFS Investment Management

"I have worked with both Suzi Hlavacek and Kate Anderson over the last eight years and they have been excellent.  As a Project Manager I oversee the entire design and construction of my clients new office spaces which also includes art procurement and installation.  Being relatively new to Boston eight years ago, I had no contacts in the art community and was put in touch with Suzi.  Immediately she made my life easier by being super impressive to my clients and getting to know them and suggesting artwork which they not only loved but also was within budget, which is very important to me.  Suzi never tried to oversell my clients, is a great communicator and was fully involved in the installation process.


I worked with Kate Anderson on a large client who took four floors in a Boston high rise.  The client installed an internal interconnecting stairwell between those four floors, and they wanted to put a four-story artwork feature wall at the stairwell.  We engaged Kate and she was truly amazing by really helping the client figure out what kind of artwork they wanted, sourcing an artist/photographer from Philadelphia and coming up with something the client truly loved.  This process was by no means easy as it was a large law firm and every one of their over 100 partners had a say in the design.  Kate was a true professional and was able to get this accomplished in time for the opening of the office.


Selecting Suzi and Kate has been a great decision for both Newmark and my clients, and I would highly recommend them to others without any reservations."

Robert Lawlor, PE

Senior Managing Director

Project Management


"Suzi is a highly professional creative art advisor and a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable and resourceful.  With a brilliant eye for aesthetic balance, Suzi consults with clients, designers, and artists to elevate any given space to a state of the arts placemaking. Her professional experience draws a perfect bridge between the client,  the site, and the artist"

shuli sade

I worked with Kate on art programs for all national Grant Thornton offices including the Chicago HQ. We hired her because of her great style, eye, and ability to bring fresh art into our office spaces.

Kate’s ease of communication, quality of art options and great presentations were unparalleled. Each of our office leaders liked a different aesthetic and she would tailor the art options to reflect their likes but also keep within our national art and space standards. She was always able to meet our schedules and have art installed before opening day.

Kate is one level above other vendors. She provides a full flawless artwork experience from inception to completion. The entire project was stress free and her ability to find and source cool artwork far surpasses any other art consultant I've worked with.

I look forward to working with Kate again!

susan schmidt
Senior Program manager, Workplace services
grant thornton

From the moment we met Kate, we knew that she was not only competent, but also empathetic. 

She took the time to expose us to many styles of art and then focused on what we found appealing.  Kate understood our spaces, and the execution and installation were flawless.  This happened time and time again.

Paul Perrault
Chairman and ceo
brooklike bank corp, INC

mike mccurdy
co-president and coo

brooklike bank corp, inc

TMD has worked with Suzi  for many years on a variety of projects with a huge range of demographics. From contemporary urban housing to senior living communities, Suzi consistently provides very creative solutions for the artwork package. She is a keen listener and understands the importance of selecting art that enhances the resident’s experience as well as provides a unique branding opportunity for our clients. Suzi is also very knowledgeable about working within a project’s budget constraints and finding a perfect balance while meeting the budget. 

Tish McDavitt
Founder and Principle Designer
TMD Designs

Kate is candid, sincere, professional and takes the time to understand everyone she works with both personally and professionally. Collaborating with her has made me feel more grounded in my art practice. In todays art world, so much has changed and it is hard to keep up with everything. Partnering with Kate allows access to that knowledge.

Danya Talbot

Kate’s transparency and collaboration in the art process is an incredible strength. Her vast knowledge of artists, connection to the art community, and ability to knit together the right artist for each client seamlessly make her an incredible collaborator. Her flexibility and ease of communication make the whole process so enjoyable!

Jayme Kennerknecht
Principle and owner
Kennerknecht Design Group

Kate is an absolute joy to work with. She is incredibly thoughtful in her approach and always prepared with novel ideas that strive to exceed client needs while being a true patron to the artist community. She is an amazing listener and brings a certain ease and confidence to every meeting and call.


Kate is a true master at what she does. The critical thinking that she puts into each element of a project is truly impressive which creates a smooth process from design to installation. I loved collaborating with Kate. Those calls and meetings were the ones I looked forward to the most!

Leigh Jester
Deveopment Manager 
lcor (Assisted at Bozzuto)

These are my go-to gals when it comes to art! As an interior designer, every detail matters. The final layer of art provides such impact while weaving the story of the space together. I have always found it most valuable to bring Suzi and Kate in early on so they can understand our design thought process, and develop art concepts alongside us so we're presenting in harmony. I first worked with Suzi on TripAdvisor's headquarters. Each floor was themed after a different part of the world and Suzi was tasked with making the entire building reflect this concept. She used the largest variety of mediums I have ever seen on a project - capturing Estonian mittens within shadow box frames, hanging hand-made South American baskets from the ceiling, to curating a gallery wall well-suited for a corner pub in London. The art gave the space such incredible character and truly made the experience on each floor special. I've since worked with her to meet budgets across the spectrum. Whether it's 67 hotel rooms on the smallest budget, or a few large scale impactful timeless pieces that need to stand the test of time in a corporate lobby - Suzi always hits the nail on the head. Every. Single. Time.

Kate has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. I most recently worked with her on an art package for a prominent hotel lobby in Boston. She worked with us and our very particular client team - maintaining the right balance of prestige and cheekiness for the space. Along the remaining lobby walls she worked to reposition, reframe and add to the client's collection of pieces to give the lobby a fresh look that supported the renovation of the space. It's always a delicate process to work with an existing collection, make it feel new, while reinvigorating it with a few new pieces. Her professionalism and patience is unmatched.


These two are an incredible duo, and I promise they'll only make the art procurement process easy for you.

Colleen Wallace
Design Manager

“We were so impressed with Suzi’s early process when we began selecting an art program for our cancer center. There were many people who would be in the center: patients, healthcare workers, family; Suzi really listened to how we wanted the art to impact everyone’s emotional experience.  

In the end, Suzi blew us away and nailed exactly what we were looking for due to her careful attention from first meeting to final install. We had great conversations about the need for enduring permanence both in imagery and medium.


From a creative and logistical perspective, we were amazed with the final collection.”

kim hollon
signature healthcare

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate; she is not only a seasoned professional with thoughtful ideas, she is a kind and patient person. Low stress and tons of fun! I very much enjoy spending time with Kate and introducing her to clients. You can tell she loves what she does, and that joy is spread throughout the projects. Kate's knowledge on artists and her passion for art is unmatched (and her ability to stay on budget!).


I found that the time and effort put into presentations allowed us as designers to sit back and watch magic happen.


I suggest Kate to everyone I know!

Ashleigh Sanicola
lda architecture and interiors 

“Suzi brings a business mindset to the art world. Working with her provides the perfect blend of inspiration and practicality to execute the project. Her installations are efficiently and imaginatively delivered.”

Real Estate Development firm overseeing 20+ Billion in Assets

"Working with someone as smart and as a creatively intuitive as Suzi means that you are going to get great results without any wasted time or energy, her goal is to deliver the most dynamic work possible, you can trust her details and you can shoot for something perfect.


As an artist, the best thing you can hope for is a collaborative partner who thinks of every detail before you do. This allows for a creative freedom that can expand into every inch of a space. In the commission process, you need an intuitive and smart consultant to be sensitive enough to understand precisely what a space needs; the spirit and the feeling of the people living or working in that environment depends on it. Suzi understands this on a deep level and is able to create a transcendent place"

Jeff Peters

Kate investigates the world with an open mind & heart and brings new professional and even spiritual advice to each meeting. Her encouragement and interest has built my confidence to more successfully engage with professionals in the field. I have set up studio visits, created a more mindful studio practice, and am in the process of developing relationships to further exhibit and sell my work. Working with Kate has helped me organize my thoughts and goals around my artwork. She is grounded, brings a fresh vision and makes everyone feel listened to, validated, and valued!

Isabel Riley

"I've worked with Suzi on many projects over the years and she is undaunted by size, scale, complexity of installation or even budget. I consider her one of the best in the business."  

Amanda Lennon
Senior Associate

"The support, organization, and perspective Kate offers has both given me direction and resulted in more successful portfolios, presentations, and bodies of work. Her ability to recognize what will benefit you is amazing!"

Tori Gagne 
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